Who We Are

At Legacy Group International, we have established an elite community of professionals dedicated to fostering unprecedented success and revenue generation. Our members gain privileged access to a wealth of collective experience and expertise spanning all facets of the real estate industry.

Committed to innovation and backed by a demonstrated track record, we offer agents immediate one-on-one live support, cutting-edge technology, mentorship, coaching, and ongoing education. Our comprehensive suite of lead generation resources ensures that agents remain actively engaged in productive pursuits, while strategic ancillary partnerships contribute to the seamless and organized operation of their businesses.

We are devoted to assisting individual agents and large teams alike in achieving their professional aspirations and realizing their full potential.

Our Approach

We adopt a personalized approach for every agent or team business model, customizing our advantages and services to align with their distinct requirements.

Our unparalleled support includes programs such as Done For You Marketing, Follow our Lead, and Famous Agent, complemented by a robust Customer Relationship Management system, in-house staff, administrative assistants, and a host of additional resources. These provisions empower agents to scale their businesses and increase their commission earnings significantly.

Whether conducting expert business assessments, facilitating hands-on workshops, or implementing strategic initiatives, we remain dedicated to providing unwavering support at every step.



Our Value

Legacy Group International stands among the foremost teams within the rapidly expanding real estate industry globally. Our success is propelled by a combination of highly competitive compensation packages, an innovative cloud-based model, and a thriving global community comprising agents, leadership figures, and strategic partners.

Equipped with unparalleled advantages, the seasoned experts at LGI are dedicated to the education, training, and unwavering support of our team members. We actively cultivate growth opportunities by leveraging an extensive international network of industry leaders.

If you operate as a solo real estate agent, lead a team, or are contemplating a career in real estate, we extend a distinctive proposition to each agent: the chance to become a shareholder in their own company. We take pride in celebrating the financial success of our company alongside our dedicated agents.

A Few Words from Our CEO


Serial Entrepreneur and acknowledged for his tenacity to achieve the highest level of success in any field. His professional life is a gamut of successful vocations, which speak to volumes of his entrepreneurship skills and

He is the ideal choice for a successful collaboration. With unfettered enthusiasm for helping others attain their goals and enhance their wealth, Scott seeks the finest agents in the market to form a liaison with and leverage his leadership qualities to help them reach their full potential.

Meet Your Future Team Leader


Hayley is a seasoned professional, serving as a coach, mentor, and motivator. Her approach to Real Estate and Team Leadership is marked by authenticity and a deep understanding of the industry. Hayley has successfully coached thousands of agents, guiding them towards the realization of their career goals with a commitment to excellence.

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