We are real people, doing real things, engaged in tangible actions, committed to providing unwavering support in every conceivable manner for you, the agent, and your team members. Recognizing that true support is integral, we prioritize delivering substantial value. In a landscape filled with organizations making empty promises, our dedication to bringing impactful contributions sets us apart, ensuring that our commitment to excellence is more than just words.

Scott Lewis

Team Founder & CEO

As a visionary entrepreneur and accomplished wealth builder, Scott exemplifies leadership and dedication. His commitment extends beyond personal success, as he is fervently dedicated to empowering others. His inspirational leadership style serves as a catalyst for success, motivating and empowering those around him to reach new heights.

Hayley Hindell

Team Leader and Co-Owner

Hayley distinguishes herself as an exceptional coach, mentor, and motivator, demonstrating a unique blend of authenticity and personality in her approach to Real Estate and Team Leadership. With extensive experience encompassing all facets of the real estate industry, she is a trusted authority, drawing people towards her with her genuinely caring demeanor when offering advice.

John Rozak

Business Development and Co-Owner

John Rozak, a seasoned serial entrepreneur throughout his distinguished professional journey, has been instrumental in constructing prosperous businesses and pioneering cutting-edge operational systems for diverse organizations. Renowned for his analytical prowess, he serves as a driving force behind the success of others, leveraging his expertise to propel individuals and organizations towards new heights of achievement.

Brittany Hall

Talent Acquisition

Brittany is a seasoned professional specializing in Talent Search and Acquisition, leveraging her expertise to identify and attract top-tier candidates. With a keen eye for talent, she employs strategic methodologies to source, assess, and secure individuals who align seamlessly with our organizational goals.

Shannen Haggerty

Social Media Specialist

With a track record of driving engagement and amplifying brand presence across various platforms, Shannen is the catalyst for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of social media.

Ellaiza Alcordo

Central Command

Ellaiza is the linchpin of Executive Support at Central Command, providing invaluable assistance to leadership with unparalleled efficiency. Her role as a strategic support professional involves orchestrating administrative functions, facilitating seamless communication, and ensuring the smooth operation of executive initiatives.

daniele Maia

Central Command | Support

Kristine Miranda

Central Command | Support

Alejandra Vasquez

Central Command | Support

David McMillan

American Pacific Mortgage

His decades of experience is a testament to his deep understanding of the lending landscape. David's proficiency lies in navigating the complexities of financial transactions with precision, offering clients a strategic and informed approach to their lending needs.

Laken Lewis

American Pacific Mortgage

He demonstrates an acute understanding of the intricate facets of lending, offering clients personalized guidance. His commitment to excellence, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, positions Laken as a trusted advisor.


To establish and nurture a robust and distinctive support system and culture. This framework is designed to empower all team members and affiliates, providing them with the opportunity to not only thrive but also grow and reach their fullest potential. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals build a genuine exit strategy and embrace a lifestyle defined by freedom and fulfillment.


American Pacific Mortgage stands as a top-10 Independent Mortgage Banker dedicated to providing home buyers across the United States with a personalized touch and meticulous attention to detail. At the core of their mission is a genuine embrace of the concept of home ownership, marked by enthusiasm and optimism for America. Every member of the APM team recognizes that each transaction signifies more than just a financial deal—it represents a family, a home, and a life decision. They approach their role as a privilege, understanding that their ultimate responsibility is to delight everyone involved in the loan process. APM values the human connection and acknowledges the profound significance of home.


LGI and The CE Shop have formed a strategic alliance to
deliver education and testing services, facilitating the journey for
prospective agents across any state to attain their real estate license. This comprehensive online platform, paired with LGI's robust encouragement and support systems, offers a diverse array of courses to cater to individual preferences and goals. As an added benefit, LGI provides exclusive access to various discount options when it's time to finalize payments. Don't forget to
reach out to us for a code before proceeding to the checkout, ensuring you make the most of these advantageous offerings.



Ownership is integral to our ethos, offering agents unique advantages and a stake in collective success. Through our ownership model, agents shape their destinies while contributing to the prosperity of the entire team, ultimately forming a true Legacy for each agent and their family.


Support is equally critical, offering agents immeasurable value through a dedicated system of mentorship and advanced technology. This robust support structure ensures that agents have the resources and guidance needed to navigate the dynamic real estate landscape with confidence and resilience.


Lifestyle emphasizes the importance of achieving a harmonious balance between work and life. Recognizing that personal well-being is integral to professional success, we encourage our agents to cultivate a lifestyle that promotes both professional excellence and a fulfilling personal life.

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