I'm a Broker now. Can I be a broker at LGI?

The short answer is YES. There are tailored and flexible approaches available to integrate existing brokerages into our system. In fact, a weary or struggling broker has the opportunity to smoothly transition their business into ours, preserving the majority, if not all, of their income. Simultaneously, this transition reduces or eliminates their liabilities, administrative challenges, and the tasks associated with training and managing their agents.

Can I be a team leader or bring my team with me?

Absolutely. Embracing your circumstances and cultivating your team is something we wholeheartedly endorse. Our model is meticulously crafted to assist solo agents and facilitate the initiation or continuation of team building, whether on a large or small scale. Agents can eventually graduate from LGI while still retaining the valuable support systems in place.

My business is established and complex. How much of a hassle will it be to transition everything?

LGI provides an onboarding concierge team, offering a white-glove service that adeptly handles most aspects of the transition. We understand the importance of maintaining your work momentum without disruptions, and our goal is to facilitate a transition that is both seamless and painless. Our specialized staff and advanced systems are designed to ensure precisely that.

In my role as a realtor, am I restricted to serving solely within my local area?

The possibilities are essentially limitless. Unlike many real estate brokerages and teams restricted to specific territories for growth, LGI stands apart. We provide proven systems, training, support, and open lines of communication that enable our agents to break free from these conventional boundaries. This empowers them to expand to their heart's content, even globally, fostering revenue diversification and generating income streams in markets around the world.

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